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default2016 A novel PTCH1 gene mutation in a pediatric patient associated multiple keratocystic odontogenic tumors of the jaws and Gorlin–Goltz syndrome.docx2016-08-17 08:41809 KB
default2018 Genetics of rotator cuff tears no association of col5a1 gene in a case-control study.pdf2018-12-26 09:56569 KB
default2019 Case of Plasmodium knowlesi Malaria in Poland Linked to Travel in Southeast Asia.pdf2020-03-18 08:51438 KB
default2020 Compound craniosynostosis, intellectual disability, and Noonan‐like facial dysmorphism associated with 7q32.3‐q35 deletion.pdf2020-09-23 09:582307 KB
default2020 Genetic factors in rotator cuff pathology potential influence of col 5A1 polymorphism in outcomes of rotator cuff repair.pdf2020-05-21 03:35519 KB
default2020 Mitochondrial DNA Survey Reveals the Lack of Accuracy in Maremmano Horse Studbook Records.pdf2020-09-30 02:271922 KB
default2020 Non‐syndromic anophthalmia microphthalmia can be caused by a PORCN variant inherited in X‐linked recessive manner.pdf2021-01-19 07:161743 KB
default2021 Associations of site-specific CD4+-T-cell hypomethylation within CD40-ligand promotor and enhancer regions with disease activity of women with systemic lupus erythematosus.pdf2022-05-03 08:54379 KB
default2021 Non-syndromic anophthalmiamicrophthalmia can be causedNon-syndromic anophthalmiamicrophthalmia can be caused by a PORCN variant inherited in X-linked recessive manner.pdf2022-05-03 09:081743 KB
default2021 Population-based carrier screening and prenatal diagnosis of fragile X syndrome in East Asian populations.pdf2022-05-03 09:451836 KB
default2022 Performance evaluation of three DNA sample tracking tools in a whole exome sequencing workflow.pdf2022-05-03 07:502220 KB