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default2013 A three year descriptive study of early onset.pdf2016-10-11 10:58357 KB
default2013 Genotyping Plasmodium vivax isolates from the.pdf2014-01-06 09:251328 KB
default2013 P268S in NOD2 associates with susceptibility to.pdf2016-10-11 10:58653 KB
default2014 High-throughput detection of common sequence variations of Fabry.pdf2016-07-14 08:09605 KB
default2014 Impact of GEne Polymorphisms, Platelet REactivity and the SYNTAX Score on.pdf2016-07-14 08:09780 KB
default2014 New mutations and polymorphisms of the ATP7B gene in sporadic.pdf2016-10-12 06:541094 KB
default2015 A New Method for Analyzing the Duffy Blood Group Genotype.pdf2016-10-12 06:58258 KB
default2015 Evaluation of DNA Extraction Methods from Saliva as a Source of PCR-Amplifiable Genomic DNA.pdf2016-10-11 08:2668 KB
default2015 Target Gene Capture Sequencing in Chinese Population of.pdf2016-10-11 10:52536 KB
default2016 A Novel CCM2 Gene Mutation Associated with Familial Cerebral Cavernous Malformation.pdf2016-10-12 03:401931 KB
default2016 Analysis of genetic polymorphisms associated with leukoaraiosis in the southern Chinese population.pdf2016-10-12 03:15435 KB
default2016 Assessment of direct versus indirect.pdf2016-10-11 10:53916 KB
default2016 Association study of TREM2.pdf2016-10-12 03:14643 KB
default2016 Evaluation and comparison of in vitro degradation kinetics of DNA in.pdf2016-10-12 06:52498 KB
default2016 Identification of a novel HLA-C allele HLA-C07477 in a Drung Chinese individual.pdf2016-10-11 10:52312 KB
default2016 Prevalence of ABCB4 polymorphisms in gallstone.pdf2016-10-11 10:56880 KB
default2017 Association of human platelet antigens polymorphisms.pdf2017-09-26 09:56710 KB
default2017 Atypical Chemokine Receptor 1 polymorphism cannot.pdf2017-10-16 09:04485 KB
default2017 BRCA1 homozygous unclassified variant in a patient with non-Fanconi anemia A case report.pdf2018-03-08 01:34693 KB
default2017 Case Report of a possible Fetal RASopathy with sonographic and neonatal findings and genetic evaluation.pdf2018-02-05 06:28893 KB
default2017 L1 retrotransposon expression in circulating tumor cells.pdf2017-04-11 07:52551 KB
default2018 Association of human platelet antigen polymorphisms with platelet count and mean platelet volume.pdf2018-03-09 07:51737 KB
default2018 Clinical significance of HLA-E genotype and surface soluble expression levels between healthy.pdf2018-08-20 16:221258 KB
default2018 Cytotoxic Effect of Synthesized AgNPs by Pulse Laser Ablation on Breast Cancer Cell Line (AMJ13) from Iraqi Patient and Normal Human Lymphocytes.pdf2018-09-25 09:58982 KB
default2018 Evidence of predisposing epimutation in retinoblastoma.pdf2019-01-07 01:17759 KB
default2018 Genetic Spatiotemporal Anatomy of Plasmodium vivax Malaria Episodes in Greece, 2009-2013.pdf2018-02-22 02:081573 KB
default2018 In silico investigation of the molecular effects caused by R123H variant.._.pdf2018-03-12 09:312135 KB
default2018 Newly designed 11-gene panel reveals first case of herefitary amyloidosis captured by massive paralllel sequencing.pdf2018-02-23 01:24825 KB
default2018 Nosocomial ventriculitis caused by a meticillin- and linezolid-resistant clone of Staphylococcus epidermidis in neurosurgical patients.pdf2018-05-02 03:13438 KB
default2018 Study of the diagnostic accuracy of microbiological techniques in the diagnosis of malaria in the immigrant population in Madrid.pdf2018-09-05 03:18942 KB
default2018 The Association of V427M Missense Mutation of the PRODH Gene with Schizophrenia in the Iranian Patients.pdf2019-01-07 03:55136 KB
default2018 The role of polymorphisms of thiopurine.pdf2018-12-24 07:47511 KB
default2019 A Combined Targeted and Whole Exome Sequencing Approach Identified Novel Candidate Genes Involved in Heritable Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension.pdf2020-03-06 01:131152 KB
default2019 A combined targeted and whole exome sequencing approach identified nover candidate genes involved in heritable pulmonary arterial hypertension.pdf2019-05-03 07:451148 KB
default2019 A novel Bruton tyrosine kinase gene variation was found in an adult with X‐linked agammaglobulinemia during blood cross‐mat.pdf2020-03-06 01:041117 KB
default2019 A novel germline mutation of the SFTPA1 gene in familial inerstitial pneumonia.pdf2019-05-03 07:57735 KB
default2019 Analysis of causes of inherited thrombocytopenias.pdf2019-11-15 08:313483 KB
default2019 Assocuation of 18bp insertion-deletion polymorphysm at -2549 position of VEGF gene with diabatic vascular complications .pdf2019-05-03 07:341458 KB
default2019 DNA Methylation Validation Methods a Coherent Review with Practical Comparison-2019.pdf2020-03-18 08:50829 KB
default2019 DNA Methylation Validation Methods.pdf2019-11-18 04:07829 KB
default2019 Enhanced molecular typing and macrolide and tetracycline-resistance mutations of Treponema pallidum in Barcelona.pdf2020-03-06 01:091513 KB
default2019 Functional analysis of novel RUNX2 mutations identified in patients with cleidocranial dysplasia.pdf2020-03-06 01:073164 KB
default2019 MEIS2 gene is responsible for intellectual disability cardiac defects a.._.pdf2019-11-15 07:42787 KB
default2019 NGS data validated by Sanger sequencing reveal a puzzling small deletion of MYBPC3 gene associated with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.pdf2019-05-03 08:34704 KB
default2019 Novel genetic variant of HPS1 gene in Hermansky-Pudlak syndrome with fulminant progression of pulmonary fibrosis a case report-2019.pdf2020-03-18 08:482086 KB
default2019 Novel genetic variant of HPS1 gene inHermansky-Pudlak syndrome with fulminant progression of pulmonary fibrosis.pdf2019-11-15 08:532086 KB
default2019 Parental mosaicism in epilepsies due to alleged de novo variants.pdf2020-03-06 01:02213 KB
default2019 Polymorphisms in CSN3, CSN2 and LGB genes and their relation to milk production in diary cattle in the Czech Republic.pdf2019-05-03 07:51760 KB
default2019 Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms in PEMT and MTFHR Genes are associated with Omega 3 and 6.pdf2019-11-15 08:33725 KB
default2019 Spliceogenic analysis of BRCA1 c.439TC (rs794727800) variant.pdf2020-03-06 01:122095 KB
default2019 The genetic contribution of HLA to Posner-Schlossman syndrome in southern Chinese-2019.pdf2020-03-18 09:07301 KB
default2019 Two‐point‐NGS analysis of cancer genes in cell‐free DNA of metastatic cancer patients-2019.pdf2020-03-18 09:031190 KB
default2020 Adapting SureSelect enrichment protocol to the Ion Torrent S5 platform in molecular diagnostics of craniosynostosis-2020.pdf2020-03-18 09:101670 KB
default2020 Analysis of BRCA1 and RAD51C Promoter Methylation in Italian Families at High-Risk of Breast and Ovarian Cancer.pdf2020-04-14 08:53419 KB
default2020 Association of candidate Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms Related to Candidate Genes.pdf2020-04-14 08:521094 KB
default2020 Association of HLA class II (-DRB1,-DQB1,-DPB1) alleles and haplotypes on susceptibility to aplastic anemia in northern Chinese Han.pdf2020-09-24 02:54500 KB
default2020 Carriership of the rs113883650rs2287120 haplotype of the SLC7A5 (LAT1) gene increases the risk of obesity in infants with phenylketonuria.pdf2020-09-24 09:261497 KB
default2020 Clinical utility of pharmacogenetic testing in the treatment of bipolar disorder of Chinese patients.pdf2020-09-23 10:06603 KB
default2020 Detecting Large Germline Rearrangements of BRCA1 by Next Generation Tumor Sequencing.pdf2020-09-23 10:01737 KB
default2020 Diagnostic test assessment. Validation study of an alternative system to detect microsatellite instability in colorectal carcinoma.pdf2020-09-30 02:22202 KB
default2020 Employing a Systematic Approach to Biobanking and Analyzing Genetic and Clinical.pdf2020-09-24 02:56650 KB
default2020 Gene polymorphisms influencing on yield, composition and technological properties of milk from Czech Simmental and Holstein cows.pdf2020-09-30 02:15620 KB
default2020 Identification of gene variants in a cohort of hypogonadotropic hypogonadism Diagnostic utility of custom NGS panel and WES in unravelling genetic complexity of the disease.pdf2020-09-24 02:592000 KB
default2020 Identification of two novel LDLR variants by Next Generation Sequencing.pdf2020-04-14 08:461946 KB
default2020 Is tumor testing efficiency for Lynch syndrome different in rectal and colon cancer.pdf2020-09-23 10:06620 KB
default2020 KIR3DL1 and HLA-Bw4 Interaction Showed a Favorable Role in Patients with Myelodysplastic Syndromes in Chinese Southern Han.pdf2020-05-21 03:34564 KB
default2020 MEIS2 gene is responsible for intellectual disability, cardiac defects and a distinct facial phenotype.pdf2020-04-14 08:51822 KB
default2020 Mitochondrial diversity of Yoruba and Fulani chickens A biodiversity reservoir in Nigeria.pdf2020-09-30 02:241174 KB
default2020 Molecular spectrum and distribution of hemoglobinopathies in southwest of Iran a seven-year retrospective study-2020.pdf2020-03-18 09:07258 KB
default2020 Myopia-26, the female-limited form of early-onset high myopia is associated with retinal ganglion cell dysfunction and primary open angle glaucoma.pdf2020-09-30 02:321531 KB
default2020 Plasma levels of Interleukin 18 but not amyloid-β or Tau are elevated in female depressive patients-2020.pdf2020-03-18 09:00336 KB
default2020 Population-based Carrier Screening and Prenatal Diagnosis of Fragile X Syndrome in East Asian Populations.pdf2020-09-30 02:31484 KB
default2020 Pre- and Post-Zygotic TP53 De Novo Mutations.pdf2020-09-25 09:582725 KB
default2020 Report of a germline double heterozygote in MSH2 and PALB2.pdf2020-09-25 09:55396 KB
default2020 Spliceogenic analysis of BRCA1 c.439TC (rs794727800) variant.pdf2020-04-14 08:502095 KB
default2020 Two-point-NGS analysis of cancer genes in cell-free DNA of.pdf2020-04-14 08:441190 KB
default2020 Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Gene Polymorphisms.pdf2020-04-17 05:30358 KB
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