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default2011 Evaluation of the In Situ Hybridization Signal Patterns.pdf2015-07-08 01:501633 KB
default2012 The use of high resolution melting analysis to detect Fabry mutations in heterozygous.pdf2016-10-12 06:511147 KB
default2013 An Evaluation of the Diagnostic.pdf2016-10-11 10:5414662 KB
default2014 Dense genomic sampling identifies highways of pneumococcal recombination.pdf2016-07-14 08:091131 KB
default2015 DNA Methylation Combinations in Adjacent.PDF2016-10-11 10:59371 KB
default2016 A Simple Algorithm for Population Classification.pdf2016-10-12 03:12243 KB
default2016 Fluorescent quantitative PCR detection.pdf2016-10-12 06:551970 KB
default2016 Identical TP53 mutations in pelvic carcinosarcomas and associated serous tubal intraepithelial carcinomas provide evidence of their clonal relationship.pdf2016-07-14 08:09883 KB
default2017 Factors That Negatively Affect the Prognosis of Pediatric Community-Acquired Pneumonia in District Hospital in Tanzania.pdf2017-06-13 09:53244 KB
default2017 Guidelines for the Direct Detection of Anaplasma spp..pdf2017-06-14 02:182554 KB
default2017 Importance-of-Common-Wall-Lizards-in-the-Transmission-Dynamics-of-Tick-Borne-Pathogens-in-the-Northern-Apennine-Mountains-Italy.pdf2017-09-26 09:17405 KB
default2017 In vivo selection of a multidrug-resistant Aeromonas salmonicida during medicinal leech therapy.pdf2018-04-25 09:38631 KB
default2017 The farming environment protects mice from allergen-induced skin contact hypersensitivity.pdf2017-06-13 09:44950 KB
default2018 Ecology and conservation of the Mediterranean trout in the central Apennines (Italy).pdf2018-09-25 08:362169 KB
default2018 High-resolution melting analysis coupled with next-generation sequencing as a simple tool for the identification of a novel somatic BRCA2 variant a case report.pdf2018-06-14 09:25979 KB
default2018 Rapid molecular identification of necrophagous diptera by means of variable-length.pdf2018-03-12 08:412122 KB
default2019 A new mtDNA control region haplotype from sea lamprey (Petromyzon marinus Linnaeus, 1758 Petromyzontiformes) collected off the Italian Adriatic coast-2019.pdf2020-03-18 08:59694 KB
default2019 A novel nonsense PTH1R variant shows incomplete penetrance of primary failure of eruption a case report 2019.pdf2020-03-18 08:41935 KB
default2019 Disrupting Myelin-Specific Th17 Cell Gut Homing Confers Protection in an Adoptive Transfer Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis-2019.pdf2020-03-18 08:484105 KB
default2019 Disrupting Myelin-Specific Th17 Cell Gut HomingConfers Protection in an Adoptive TransferExperimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis.pdf2019-11-18 03:484105 KB
default2019 From genotype to antibiotic susceptibility phenotype in the order Enterobacterales a clinical perspective.pdf2020-03-06 01:10878 KB
default2019 Identification and monitoring of somatic mutations in circulating cell-free tumor DNA in lung cancer patients.pdf2020-03-06 01:044347 KB
default2019 Introgression despiteprotection thecase ofnative brown trout inNatur.._.pdf2019-11-15 07:592720 KB
default2019 Invasive stratified mucin-producing carcinoma (i-SMILE) of the uterine cervix report of a case series and review of the lit.pdf2020-03-06 01:098514 KB
default2019 Polymorphisms in CSN3, CSN2 and LGB genes and their relation to milk production in diary cattle in the Czech Republic.pdf2019-05-03 07:52760 KB
default2019 Whole exome sequencing reveals mutations in FAT1 tumor suppressor gene clinically impacting on peripheral T-cell lymphoma not otherwise sepcified.pdf2019-05-03 08:491642 KB
default2020 A Mediterranean Monk Seal Pup on the Apulian Coast (Southern Italy) Sign of an Ongoing Recolonisation.pdf2020-09-23 10:031526 KB
default2020 Abnormal MGMT Promoter Methylation in Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumors Genetic Susceptibility and Association with Clinical Outcome.pdf2021-01-19 07:132030 KB
default2020 Changes in Microbiota Profiles After Prolonged Frozen Storage of Stool Suspensions-2020.pdf2020-03-18 09:081754 KB
default2020 Dysbiosis in intestinal microbiome linked to fecal blood determined by direct hybridization.pdf2020-09-24 02:561104 KB
default2020 Feasibility of tumor testing for BRCA status in high-grade serous ovarian cancer using fresh-frozen tissue based approach.pdf2020-09-23 10:00485 KB
default2020 Gene polymorphisms influencing on yield, composition and technological properties of milk from Czech Simmental and Holstein cows.pdf2020-09-30 02:15620 KB
default2020 High resolution melting profles (HRMPs) obtained by magnetic.pdf2020-09-23 09:571968 KB
default2020 Loss of Mitochondrial Genetic Diversity in.pdf2020-05-21 03:311106 KB
default2020 Mediterranean swordfish (Xiphias gladius Linnaeus, 1758) population structure revealed by microsatellite DNA genetic diversity masked by population mixing in shared areas.pdf2021-01-21 01:402617 KB
default2020 Mitochondrial DNA control region variation in a population.pdf2020-05-21 03:34304 KB
default2020 Multiple gene promoter methylation and clinical stage in adjacent normal tissues Effect on prognosis of colorectal cancer in Taiwan.pdf2020-04-14 08:421463 KB
default2020 Novel methylation gene panel in adjacent normal tissues predicts.pdf2020-04-14 08:452338 KB
default2020 Predicting MGMT Promoter Methylation of Glioblastoma from Dynamic Susceptibility Contrast Perfusion A Radiomic Approach.pdf2020-05-21 03:33751 KB
default2020 Septic shock caused by Capnocytophaga canis after a cat scratch.pdf2021-01-19 07:25854 KB
default2020 Strain coverage of Bexsero vaccine assessed by whole-genome sequencing over a cohort of invasive meningococci of serogroups B and W isolated in Switzerland.pdf2020-09-23 10:001192 KB
default2020 Technological properties of cow’s milk correlations.pdf2020-04-14 08:49417 KB
default2020 The mitogenome portrait of Umbria in Central Italy as depicted by contemporary inhabitants and pre-Roman remains.pdf2020-09-24 02:533978 KB
default2020 The role of the south-western Alps as a unidirectional.pdf2021-01-19 07:20751 KB
default2020 Whole exome sequencing reveals mutations in FAT1 tumor.pdf2020-04-14 08:541632 KB
default2021 Associations among Farm, Breed, Lactation Stage and Parity, Gene Polymorphisms and the Fatty Acid Profile of Milk from Holstein, Simmental and Their Crosses.pdf2022-05-03 09:37309 KB
default2021 Changes in the microbiological diagnosis and epidemiology of cutaneous leishmaniasis in real-time PCR era A six-year experience in a referral center in Barcelona.pdf2022-05-03 09:27748 KB
default2021 Droplet digital PCR for large genomic rearrangements detection A promising strategy in tissue BRCA1 testing.pdf2022-05-03 08:404532 KB
default2021 Gene polymorphisms influencing yield, composition and technological properties of milk from Czech Simmental and Holstein cows.pdf2021-08-31 06:36613 KB
default2021 Molecular surveillance of pneumococcal carriage following completion of immunization with the 13-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine administered in a 3 + 1 schedule.pdf2022-05-03 09:102951 KB
default2021 MTNR1B polymorphisms with CDKN2A and MGMT methylation status are associated with poor prognosis of colorectal cancer in Taiwan.pdf2022-05-03 09:03505 KB
default2021 Population-based carrier screening and prenatal diagnosis of fragile X syndrome in East Asian populations.pdf2022-05-03 09:451836 KB
default2021 The Glucocorticoid Receptor Gene (NR3C1) 9β SNP Is Associated with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder.pdf2021-08-31 05:33318 KB
default2021 The Influence of Maternal Cell Contamination on Fetal Aneuploidy Detection Using Chip-Based Digital PCR Testing.pdf2022-05-03 09:26756 KB
default2021 Thyroid cancer in children report of three cases and a review of the Japanese literature.pdf2022-05-03 09:23196 KB
default2021 Validating clinical characteristics of primary failure of eruption (PFE) associated with PTH1R variants.pdf2022-05-03 09:241937 KB
default2022 Comparison of FT-IR with whole-genome sequencing for identification of maternal-to‑neonate transmission of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.pdf2023-01-30 07:191486 KB
default2022 Differential DNA methylation analysis of SUMF2, ADAMTS5, and PXDN provides novel insights into colorectal cancer prognosis prediction in Taiwan.pdf2022-05-03 08:013347 KB
default2022 Evaluation of Dried Blood and Cerebrospinal Fluid Filter Paper Spots for Storing and Transporting Clinical Material for the Molecular Diagnosis of Invasive Meningococcal Disease.pdf2023-01-30 07:23979 KB
default2022 Looking for a Simplified Diagnostic Model to Identify Potentially Lethal Cases of Prostate Cancer at Initial Diagnosis An ImGO Pilot Study.pdf2022-05-03 08:301739 KB
default2022 Somatic cell score gene polymorphisms and other effects in Holstein and Simmental cows.pdf2022-05-03 08:12518 KB
default2022 The Absence of Retroelement Activity Is Characteristic for Childhood Acute Leukemias and Adult Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.pdf2022-05-03 08:02763 KB
default2023 Conversion of Escherichia coli into Mixotrophic CO2 Assimilation with Malate and Hydrogen Based on Recombinant Expression of 2 OxoglutarateFerredoxin Oxidoreductase Using Adaptive Laboratory Evolution.pdf2023-07-02 08:171212 KB
default2023 Conversion of Escherichia coli into Mixotrophic CO2 Assimilation with Malate and Hydrogen Based on Recombinant Expression of 2-OxoglutarateFerredoxin Oxidoreductase Using Adaptive Laboratory Evolution.pdf2023-01-30 06:471212 KB
default2023 CSN1S1 and LALBA Polymorphisms and Other Factors Influencing Yield, Composition, Somatic Cell Score, and Technological Properties of Cow’s Milk.pdf2023-07-02 07:38316 KB
default2023 Draft Genome Sequence of a Mixed-Serogroup WY Invasive Neisseria meningitidis Strain.pdf2023-07-02 08:08161 KB
default2023 Exfoliative Cytology and Genetic Analysis for a Non-Invasive Approach to the Diagnosis of White Sponge Nevus Case Series.pdf2023-07-02 08:151734 KB
default2023 Leprosy in an Adopted Woman Diagnosed by Molecular Tools A Case Report from a Non-Endemic Area.pdf2023-07-02 08:151981 KB
default2023 Leprosy in an Adopted Woman Diagnosed by Molecular Tools.pdf2023-01-30 06:411981 KB
default2023 Microbiome Changes in Children Treated under General Anesthesia for Severe Early Childhood Caries Pilot Study.pdf2023-01-30 07:07752 KB
default2023 Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) Hosts Microbiome Associated with Oral Malodor.pdf2023-07-02 08:141920 KB
default2023 Post-mortem genetic testing in sudden cardiac death and genetic screening of relatives at risk lessons learned from a Czech pilot multidisciplinary study.pdf2023-07-02 07:481326 KB
default2023 Septic Arthritis and Multifocal Osteomyelitis Caused by Capnocytophaga Canimorsus A Case Report.pdf2024-01-19 06:11267 KB
default2023 Sexually transmitted infections and clinical features in monkeypox.pdf2023-01-30 06:456816 KB
default2023 The Contribution of Mediastinal Transbronchial Nodal Cryobiopsy to Morpho-Histological and Molecular Diagnosis.pdf2024-01-19 05:5024111 KB